Monday, October 16, 2006

California Lovin'

Andy took me to 'The Pie' the night before my flight.
He showed me something he had worked on, previous to our visit:

He'd carved our initials into the wall,
Amongst thousands of other lovers who had visited before us.
Our initials stood out, fresh and white.

I went to Cali the next day.

Ive fallen in love with my 3 year old second cousin Theo.
Half Korean, Half Mexicano.

Honey (My grandma) bought me some giant white sunglasses.
I'm too nice to tell her white is officially out, and brown is in.
Oh well, I love them all the same.

Heres a picture of me and my Pop:

And here is a pic of my cousins and my Aunt Lisa:

More pics to come.


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