Friday, August 11, 2006

I want the internet back!

There is no internet at my new apartment, and this is enough to kill a brotha.... Damn, its been so long since Ive been online that once I get over to Andrews, or Jessies, or Andy's the first thing I head for is the internet. Its like air to me. Adam is back from Japan except none of us has seen him, wow big suprise.

Last night I got drunk and rode a longboard tandem with Andy, possibly the worst/best idea ever. I hated every second, but I also loved it. There were 90 or so times where I thought I was headed for certain death, it was ultimately very freeing. There are baby spiders crawling on the computer. Gross.

In my drunken stooper I told andy those 3 little words, that I promised I wouldnt say to anyone ever again (haha). Anddddd to my suprise, Mr.Sober returned them. Hes painting me a picture for my apartment. God he is so cute. I dont think there is anyone out there like him, and that makes him special to me.

Its too hot outside to move, to think, to even begin to daydream. I am praying for rain, or cold weather, or some sort of cloud to shadow us from the intense sun. If I cant go to the pool, there is no reason for it to be this hot outside. There is no reason for anyone to even go outside when it is this hot... Poor homeless people, I bet they are just burning up.

Jan gave all my days away next week, assuming that I would be in Helena the whole weekend. I swear she knew I was only going to be there for a night and be back Saturday. Maybe I will plan it so I can be there a bit longer. I want to. Its going to be so sad to leave. Seriously. I am going to be leaving some of my best friends. At this point Im confused. I dont want to leave Carroll, the more I think about it.


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