Friday, July 14, 2006

The Update on My Life

I got my *NEW* apartment!!! I get to move in August 1st!!!

Here are some pics:

Jessica and I got into a tiff about nothing, no matter how much I tried to avoid it, she wouldnt let it go. Anyways, she was drunk and talking about how i dont understand her upbringing. I dont understand what its like to be told what to do. No, Jessie, what I DO know is that I was abused, had to worry about what we were going to eat for dinner, and also go cancer. So PLEASE... tell me why you have it so bad, and tell me why its so hard to listen to people telling you what they think you should or shouldnt do. I dont, and still didnt, think it was a good idea to go on a bike ride at 3 AM whilst drunk, and thats why you are screaming at me Jessie? Thats why you are shaking and laughing because you are so mad??? Well, let me add to your anger, youre a total dumbass. There. I said it. Im not taking it back.

Work was especially quick today. Jessi (the cool one) got back from Mexico today and came into see us at Caputos! I miss her so much, she was my lunch bud. Anyways, we had lots of cool stories to trade, talking about Andy, Mexico, and the current Hell we are going through with Living Situations. I missed her so much, and I never thought I knew her well enough to do so. Anyways, shes coming back to work tomorrow for the Farmers Market and then we will see if shes going to KEEP ON working.

A conversationg from a couple minutes ago. (Yes I was eavesdropping... its just so fun)::

"Dont even tell me you are wearing those shorts tonight..." -Jessica
"These are my only clean ones." -John
"Put on other ones!" -Jessica
"I dont have any clean ones."
"Dont even think about being an ass right now John"
"I dont have any other clean pants."
"Go lay out all your pants and I will fucking pick what you are wearing for you." -Jessica.

I think John is mature enough to pick out his own pants, Jessica. But hey, thats just my opinion.

Okay, I am currently living with assholes. I hate this. Im going to stay at andrews for tonight, and then Im going home.


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