Saturday, July 08, 2006

Swimming with Pirates

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to the Canyon Raquet Club to hang by the pool. It was cloudy, but the water was perfect. I got in and swam around for a while, and noticed the sun was about to come out. So anyways, we laid out and got some rays. It was awesome! I saw my dads new car, its a Nissan and its badass! It has fatty rims on it. I told Andrew that we cant be friends much longer, because I cant get a new boyfriend if Im still hanging out with the OLD one... you know?

New Boyfriend:

Tonight Andy and I had tons of sushi at Happy Sumo, and chatted away about how much he loves Takashi so much more. Yeah, too bad the wait for Takashi was like.... TWO HOURS... Ewww! I ♥ Happy Sumo. Luckily, I have never had Takashi, so I didnt know what I was missing. Oh, and we saw Pirates of the Carribean Two: Dead Mans Chest, and I wasnt too pleased. The story was ultra-mega-confusing, and it didnt completely come together in the end.... I just dont know where I stand! I mean, they REALLY left it open for a third movie, but it was so obvious, and so BAD.... I just cant figure out what I just saw.


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