Sunday, July 09, 2006


There arent going to be any pictures in this blog, sadly. The cops are outside as I blog. Underage drinking tickets for ALL... well not me, Jessica, or Andrew... But John, Jason, Ben, and Michael are all-- what we like to call --fucked. We saw the flashlights through the drapes and windows, and when Jessica got up from the recliner to see what it was all about. The screen door creaks open and a man shouts "Police, come outside please. Police." Jessica, confused, asks "What??", and he in turn screams "Police!!!" a couple more times. I havent been drinking because I have to work tomorrow, I tell the Officer, and then he moves on to the next person so he can question them. He tells Jessica, Andrew, and Me that we can go inside and wait, and here we are.... So let me rant while I wait... I found out I might be getting fucked over for the house, and might be getting kicked out of the lease, all because Michael has a vendetta to screw me over. Why do people think that if the add an i in front of anything, its instantly going to be cool? Cause thats not always true.... Like "iPaw????" WTF?! "iRiver" "iZen". Etc. The list goes on. P.S. There is a recliner that is called the "iPod" nowadays. Lame!


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