Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Dumb Things I Do

I think Im going to "blog" about the stupid things I do, and the silly situations I get myself into. Im not really expecting anyone to read this, so I suppose its fine to just let loose and write about how blonde I SHOULD be.

For instance:

The above picture is one I took while sitting on the U.T.A. Trax Light Rail System. You cant see it in the above picture, but there are bars above the seats... For people to hold onto in case the train starts getting crazy, if you know what I mean... Well, one day I was sitting on the train, minding my own business, enjoying the sweet tunes from my ipod, when *slip* my arms fit perfectly in between the rail and the bar. Awesome! So Im just chilling, and this guy sits about .5 inches from my arm, when I decide I should pull my arm out of the bar and let him have his space. Uh Oh! My arm is so stuck. I fidget (is that how that's spelled??) for about 5 minutes before I pull out my ear bud with my free arm and whisper "My arm is stuck..." With only the most embarrassed tone in my voice. He yells "What??" (He didn't take out his head phones till after he said What??). I repeat "My arm... Its stuck and my stop is coming up." I laugh nervously. He starts pushing on my arm, as if to force it out. Ouch! I scream. I sit for about 30 seconds trying to make sure no one else is seeing my predicament. 'Think, Nicole, think. Your stop is about 45 seconds away.' I say to myself. Well, I don't know what happened next, or how I figured this out, but I turned my elbow just ever-so slightly, and my arm slid right on out. I nervously laughed, grabbed my backpack, and exited the train. I don't quite remember if I felt glad that I didn't have to mess with the jaws of life, and stuff like that, but I do know that I am glad I wont see that guy EVER again....

Okay Who am I kidding? I will probably see him on the train again sometime.


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